What is Project New Jersey?

The Short Version

Project New Jersey is a website determined to reverse negative stereotypes about the state of New Jersey through beautiful and interesting imagery. All images on this site are submitted by local artists, and submissions are open to anyone is is interested. Click here for more information.

The Long Version

I'm a Jersey boy, no doubt about it. As a child, my family would take a summer vacation to the Jersey shore almost every year. We always spent a lot of time there. I remember the first time I watched the sun rise over the jack-shaped jetty in Point Pleasant, and I remember sitting on a deck along the Manasquan boardwalk and watching lighting strike over the sea. From an early age, I had an affinity for the coast, and a genuine appreciation for nature. I was a cub scout and eventually a boy scout, which naturally implies that I spent at least one frigid weekend in every state park and campground New Jersey has to offer. I've seen all the wildlife, landscapes, shorelines, and foliage you can imagine - and it constantly amazes me. My background has led me to seek out beautiful and interesting locales - places that are often overlooked or under appreciated.

Seeing all that I've seen, it disheartens me when I hear pop-culture references which enforce the negative stereotype that New Jersey is a state with nothing to offer but shopping malls, traffic jams, and bad accents (which don't actually exist). For years I've played with the idea of starting a website where local artists could attempt to reverse these stereotypes via photographs and personal experiences. After much coaxing from some close friends, here we are. Being the clever and creative guy that I am, my "project" about "New Jersey" became known as Project New Jersey - as a joke at first, and then it grew on me.

If you're not a New Jersey native, and all you know about our great state is what you've heard on television and in movie theaters, then I hope the images featured on this site will help to open your mind and show you what really New Jersey has to offer. From it's historic battle fields, to it's famous shorelines, to it's picturesque Pine Barrens, New Jersey is a state rich with history, tradition, and intrigue. It's beautiful - we'll prove it.

About Me - (Justin Gaynor)

I was born and raised in South Plainfield, NJ. I'm a 22 year old student, about to graduate with a degree in Interactive Media and Photography. My photoblog which features all of my digital imagery is located at www.justingaynor.com. An alternate blog, featuring all of my polaroid/holga photos, is located at www.analogimagery.com. I've spent about a decade designing and mainting websites, and I've spent about 5 years behind a camera. While I occassionally take on commercial/paying portrait jobs, most of my photos fall under the category of fine art. I try to use my photography to convey a message of hope and faith, and I urge others to do the same.

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